My Pathfinder program unlocks your energetic potential to create with purpose.

This program is designed specifically for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.  If you are new to my work, this is where we start.

Once you enroll, I begin work based on your on your behalf.  

I come to our first session with an abundance of information about you and your business and the healing we are doing around your stuck points.  You will come away from our session with lots of new ideas about yourself and your business as well as potential action trajectories to open up energy or shift your results.

I use a variety of energetic approaches in my work, however the the Akashic Record is the tool I use the most. This is where I mine the gold that you will use when creating or scaling your business.

This program is fast paced so that you can energize your business and set it into an abundant direction.  

Our first meeting is where a lot of the heavy lifting occurs.  This is where I inform you of the basic energetic design of who you are as a conscious creator and discuss how you are divinely designed to create your life and your business.

You are likely here because you have been spinning in place.  Or maybe you put your foot on the gas and ended up manifesting the opposite of what you wanted.   

Our collaboration will unleash your next level creative flow.  When I go into your Akashic Records for the first time I look for specific blocks that have been keeping you stuck and unlock that energy.  This shift creates a surcharge of creative movement that will support you during our work together.

When you come away from our first meeting you will have a deeper awareness of what has been blocking you and the keys to unlocking the energetic potential of your business.  

Some people can get stuck in the intention setting stage for a long time.  In fact, years. That won’t happen here.

While this work is fast, the pace is set in a way that richly serves you.

I dial into the energies of how your soul was designed and map out the specific qualities of how you take action to anchor in your abundance.  

Our standing meeting format is as follows:

  • One (2) Hour Session

  • Two (1) Hour Sessions

  • (3) Fifteen Minute Touch Base Sessions

Investment:  $1800 USD


I encourage you to designate a notebook for this program.  While I do record our meetings for you to reference later, this notebook will be a destination for your capturing ideas and journaling around this work.  

Your notebook will be a place to keep an ongoing list of questions for our next meeting.  I like to use our time together in the most efficient way possible so please keep your questions to the point!

Please try and get a full night sleep before our first meeting.  It is not uncommon to begin feeling shifts and changes as soon as you confirm the program.