Hey, I’m Heath.

Thanks for stopping by… here is a quick rundown on me.

I spent 15 years in business development.  During that time my focus was on building businesses for myself and others, entrepreneurial launches, and development of strategic visions for my clients. 

This work was satisfying, however eventually it started to feel stale and unfulfilling.  I hit a wall in my own creativity. I realized in my core I wanted to pursue what my inner voice was telling me, which was “to get out and create business your way.”  This lead me to a path of my own spiritual development.  

During my journey I discovered the Akashic Records.  I worked with a couple of teachers and I soon discovered that in addition to our own soul profile in the Akashic Records, our businesses have an Akashic Record.  

As highly conscious people we are the energetic source for our own businesses.  What is going on with our inner world is expressed and manifested outwardly.

There are many ways to work with the Akashic Records.  In my process I use this powerful tool in a way that is super grounded and practical.  We get into building your business around your desires and how you are energetically designed to create your own abundance.  

Do you have ideas that are looping in your thoughts, but you aren’t sure how to manifest them?  If you do, that means those loops are available to you.

If not, I help you tune into and unlock your creative potentials.  I introduce you to your pathway of creativity and abundant flow.

My process blends 15 years of business development with years of developing my own higher conscious tools.  I know what it is like to be where you are. I always knew in my core that there was a better way.  A higher conscious approach of purpose driven abundance.

I take your vision and together we do a deep dive to bring your creativity out and into the world.  And as a trained intuitive I pull in additional guidance for aligned action to support your projects.  Working this way saves a lot of time and resources.

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